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Vijaya Prakash

Krishnan Muthaiah, PT, PhD


Dr. Vijaya Prakash Krishnan Muthaiah is a Physical Therapist by training. Currently at the UB's Brain Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory Dr. Muthaiah’s research investigates on how neurotrauma & occupational hazards (especially noise exposure) affects inner ear and respective higher centers of brain thereby focusing on auditory and vestibular neurodegeneration using both pre-clinical animal models and human subjects.



Dr. Muthaiah completed his inter-disciplinary graduation in Anatomy-Molecular Biology and his research is supported by three years post-doctoral training (on occupational noise/heavy metal toxicity) at Center for Hearing and Deafness, University at Buffalo and two years post-doctoral training (on moderate noise) at Department of Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences, Purdue University.

Research Focus

At BPNL, Dr. Muthaiah seeks to explore the plastic changes and mechanism of neurodegeneration at peripheral and cortical level, how it impairs the information processing from the perspectives of cellular and systems neuroscience. Insights from these studies facilitates the identification and validation of therapeutic targets and development of integrated rehabilitation approach for patients suffering from impairment of sensory and sensori-motor integration.

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